Getting to Know The Different Types of Scholarship Offerings


The one thing that many young people tend to be blind to is the different options they have in life. You hear about one person that always has these amazing opportunities that change their lives forever as people like this are the type to be on a constant lookout for opportunities. A good example of these opportunities is a scholarship program similar to the program by Jeremy Schulman.

There are many scholarship options available for all sorts of reasons with their own set of requirements. There are scholarship opportunities if you belong to a certain ethnicity or financial background, so it is always in your best interest to be on the lookout for the options available to you. 

Awareness of Scholarship Opportunities

The world is not a cruel place, but it is an apathetic one. You might find yourself thinking of fate conspiring against you with opportunities to stay and wait for you to grab them. One of the worst qualities you can have as a person is being negligent of the opportunities presented to you. Scholarships come in many different forms, and it is important to be able to distinguish them, so you don’t squander any scholarship opportunities and go into the wrong scholarship offer

2 Common Type of Scholarship Offers

Scholarship offers fall into 2 common categories which are academic and merit scholarships. The 2 scholarship options follow the same prospect of maintaining a high-grade point average. Let’s go over them and learn about their differences and what these types of scholarships usually entail.

  • Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarship is the most common iteration of scholarship offers between the two as it involves you meeting certain requirements during the application process. A large majority of academic scholarships usually require you to have a good track record of grades while also having explementary marks on the exam that is usually accompanied by the application process. 

Academic scholarship offers a fixed amount of money and subsidy that will go towards your tuition and will only be applicable for a fixed period.

  • Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships on the other hand function similar to academic scholarships but are different in that the scholarship extends to the academic year and in particular, the academic performance of the candidate. Having good academic performance during the period of the scholarship entails better subsidy and benefits from the scholarship.

Other Types of Scholarship Offers

There are many other types of scholarship offers that aren’t as famous or even applicable because of the nature of the scholarship. The first one here is community service scholarships which have the student regularly partake in activities in their local communities such as cleaning up the area. 

Another example is First in Family scholarship which typically entails providing a scholarship to a member of a family who doesn’t have any college graduate, parents included. The purpose of this scholarship is to allow families to have a potential breadwinner to help with their financial situation.

Other scholarship offers include military scholarships, scholarships for parents, writing scholarships, and sports scholarships. The number of scholarship options available allows for almost anyone to gain the privilege of going to school with a scholarship.

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