How Do I Prepare for a Scholarship Application?


College life can be the most exciting part of many students’ academic journey. It is also the costliest part of education owing to the rising cost of college tuition fee around the world. Students today rely on scholarship competitions to have a chance of managing the high cost of managing college life. To win a scholarship is however not as easy as you may assume. There are many applicants with the same goals as yours and the only way to win is to stand out especially in the essay section. Find out from Jeremy Schulman how you can ace your scholarship using four special tips.

Ready your transcripts and paperwork

It is obvious that backing up your application should be your academic transcripts and any other relevant documents that will prove your case. The selection panel needs to know many things about the applicants as you will find out in the application and it is only right that you have credible evidence of whatever you claim in the application. Have both original and photocopy of the necessary documents ready to be shared and attached upon request. Inability to prove your GPA score or jurisdiction can easily lock you out of a scholarship competition which is why you should pay attention to details.

Check eligibility concerns

This is by far one of the factors to keep in mind when searching for the scholarship applications to apply. Students should only apply for the scholarships whose eligibility demands they meet for a better chance of being selected. Some of the factors that constitute eligibility terms include geographical jurisdiction, GPA score, career field intriguing you and even availability of talent that can be natured. It is pointless to apply for a scholarship whose eligibility demands you do not meet as you get disqualified upon realization of the same.

Proofread and adjust your work

After finishing your essay and other details of the application letter try to go through it one or two more times. You do not want the selection panel to find blunders in your application that make you look incompetent just because you were too lazy to go through your work. If it helps have another set of eyes to scrutinize your application just to be sure that you have given it your all. Doing this is the best chance you have of removing any errors from your work and ensuring you have a solid chance of being selected.

Meet the deadline dates

All scholarships have terms that the applicants must adhere to. One of the special instructions to pay attention to is the specified dates for submission. This will allow you to plan out your application process and even get all required documents to be attached. You should have been able to fill out every detail including the essay question before the specified dates in order to be among the early applicants to be considered for the top spot. Late submission of the application is considered as self-disqualification as the panel might not take you seriously.

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