The Big Reason Why Scholarships Are Not Only for Students


At its core, scholarships all boil down to needing two things from the student which are academic excellence and troubling financial situations. Scholarships have been portrayed in varying forms of media as a mythical position that only geniuses like Einstein could achieve. The reality however is that scholarships don’t have that high of a requirement. Scholarship programs such as the program launched by Jeremy Schulman allow for equal opportunities for everyone.

Who can Qualify for a Scholarship?

Scholarship programs are just as hard as everyone says they are as it requires you to maintain high grades for all your subjects which a large majority of students can comply with. The issue lies in the people that can qualify for the financial situation clause as they aren’t usually aware they can avail of a scholarship. If money gets tight, the best way you as a student can help is by looking around at your options to reduce costs as much as possible. School tuition is a huge dent in the family budget and any form of aid to reduce it will have a huge impact on your family.

Scholarships, Why They Are Not Only for You

People often turn down scholarships citing reasons such as not having the time to do it or not being confident with maintaining their academic performance. The issue that most people fail to realize is that scholarship helps the student directly, but it also helps the family just as much. Most scholarships have a form of allowance for school materials such as books and even fully cover your tuition which significantly boosts the money that goes into your family’s financial flexibility.

Good grades are not a matter of being smart but rather a discipline to sit down and memorize as much material as possible. As a student, the avenues available to you and your family’s finances are extremely small which is why the best course of action is to spend time and get a scholarship and then strive to maintain it. The less money your parents have to pay towards your education the more leeway they have to use the money for family outings and activities. 

It is tough being poor and the leading problem of being poor is getting locked out of all of your savings as they are used for day-to-day life. Having more money allows you more options which leads to better opportunities for a chance to earn more money. Scholarship simply serves as a means of increasing the options you and your family can have by reducing the financial pressure of money from school

What Role Does Academic Excellence Play in Scholarships?

A little-known fact is that most scholarships would not accept Einstein as a recipient. He was a genius in one subject while barely above average in others. The scholarship is probably the first and most visible example of a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. Academic excellence plays a vital role in getting accepted into a scholarship, but it is not the determining factor. The biggest factor that can get you a scholarship is the amount of time and effort you are willing to maintain your scholarship.

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